Monday, July 2, 2012

Ridiculously Fancy-Over-the-top cake

the layers

A while back I came across this cake on pinterest...naturally, I pinned it..I mean, who wouldnt! The thing is insane! And as the picture haunted me over and over again on my food board I finally decided it should be made for our 5 year anniversary. As luck would have it both Riley and I became ill that week and no cake got made :/  so it became "the cake I will make for Ryan's 29th birthday". The day before his birthday, I spent most of the day baking off the cakes layers. I started with cheesecake, and ended with cookie cakes...and somewhere between it all I: lost my mind, became overheated, doubted that ANY of it would turn out, forgot to eat lunch and nearly dropped TWO of the cake layers on the was a long day. Sunday I was up early cleaning up the mess from the night before, I know, I know "never go to sleep with a dirty kitchen" but I was pooped man! and sometimes the mess just has to wait damn it! Anyway, I cleaned my mess, so I could ultimately make another mess and got started on the frosting making...I changed a few things from the original recipe...for one, I used Ricemellow creme instead of Marshmallow fluff for my Marshmallow frosting (RiceMellow pretty much taste the same as marshmallow fluff just its well, made from rice...and its GMO-Free, Gluten-free, and Vegan!) Second, I used my Ganache recipe found here, as the frosting inside the cake. Third, I only made one layer of cheesecake (and I topped it with caramel sauce) And last I used this brownie recipe

hard at work :P 
At the end of the day, all the pieces fell together perfectly, the cake weighed 100lbs and I realized I might have over done it with this cake. I wont say it was the BEST cake I ever had/made, but it was interesting...all the things I love crammed into one piece of was a sweetness over load to say the least. But it was a if you have a big sweet tooth (you might be surprised to find out that my tooth, is actually not that sweet) then by all means MAKE THIS CAKE! But if you are like me and would rather have Lemon Loaf over Chocolate cake...then you might want to stick to the Loaf! Happy Baking!!!-Jess
happy birthday babe! 

this slice of cake was as big as my head!
P.S. for the recipes and how-to of this cake head on over to is the creator of this crazy cake!

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