Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fancy Christmas sugar cookies

 Its that time of year again! man, the year just kinda flew by! i have been baking like a mad woman trying to get all the cookies and treats i had planned to make this season done!
Riley ready to work! 
 i pretty much gave up trying to make my cookies look perfect. i use to spend hours on them, but its so much more fun letting Riley take over and use her own creativity in decorating!
 this is the same recipe we used for our fancy halloween cookies. so get yourself some fancy xmas cookie cutters and get to baking!!!

Riley said this snow flake needed a nose :)

i did sneak a few cookies and decorate them myself :) i love the snowflakes!

Merry Christmas friends! i will try to be back with a few more treats before xmas, Happy baking! xoxo-Jess

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  1. Those cookies all came out wonderfully! You guys did a great job!