Thursday, April 5, 2012

Home Served Gorilla Munch

Guest Writer:  R.G. Sitter

today, i woke up feeling very motivated.  Riley was saying 'Im Hungry, Im Hungry, Im Hungry...', and i wanted to do something special for her.  So i got my apron, my supplies, and got to work.  First i took the bowl from the cupboard and set it down on the counter, careful not to set it down too hard, because i don't like loud noises.  i then took her cereal, gorilla munch (don't worry, it sounds like a complicated cereal, but if you follow these directions you'll be a hero), and carefully poured a moderate amount into the bowl.  Careful though, you don't want to spill these little suckers because they're round and they'll roll everywhere.  anyway, i then took the milk and poured about 8 ounces into the bowl containing aforementioned gorilla munch.  i removed a spoon from what we call the 'silverware drawer' and placed it submerged within the milk/cereal mixture.  i placed it carefully onto the table, again avoiding a 'slamming' sound.  Riley then ate it and screamed 'holy moly daddy you're my hero!'.

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