Sunday, April 8, 2012

Martha's Marshmallow Peeps

Today is Easter! And with Easter comes candy..lots of candy! I try my best to keep candy away from artificial flavors, no High fructose corn syrup..and whatever else they put in most candy. So as a special treat I promised her we would make marshmallow peeps this year. And who better to go to for fun Easter candy then Martha Stewart! I found many recipes online for marshmallow peeps and ended up picking this one because it did not call for corn syrup. It does however call for gelatin, which I am on the fence about, but for the sake of the peep, I went for it. These are really easy and fun to make! Hope everyone is having a great day! Happy baking-
Riley trying to tell me something with a mouth full of marshmallow

showing daddy 

Happy Easter from my little helper! :)

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