Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I just joined Bloglovin, as a way to promote my blog I guess, also to keep track of the hundreds of blogs I read! xoxo-Jess


  1. Hi Jess, I just found your sweet blog after seeing your comment ( I posted just after you) on a beautiful mess. Isn't style transformation a difficult thing? In one way, I'm really enjoying it, but it also presents the challenge of feeling lost in the style world sometimes. Good luck with reinventing your style. I'm on the same journey with a different reason: I'm a new momma. :)
    Looking forward to trying some of your great sounding recipes!

    1. hey! I am ridiculously excited about your comment, you are the first person (that I dont know personally) to comment on my blog! its silly i know, but i havent been the best at "advertising" fancytreats by jess. so thank you for stopping by and saying hello! :D anyway, Yes, style transformation is difficult but also so fun! I think I have gone through a few transformations since having my daughter, not just style wise either, but emotionally too. it really changes you. I try my best to provide "healthy" recipes on this blog so please come back and try some out! thanks again for stopping by, i will check out your blog too :D hope to hear from you soon xo-Jess