Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DIY: Fancy fall inspired wreath

Fall is upon us! well, sorta...I think most people start to welcome fall as soon as the Pumpkin spice latte becomes available, I however, might just be the only person on the planet who isn't crazy about them. I mean, I have tried, really, I tried to like me some pumpkin latte, but I just dont see what the big deal is. Now bring on the peppermint mocha and we have a different story. But this post is not about starbucks and their fancy lattes, it is about my obsession with this awesome wreath. Awesome right? now I am not one to spend that kind of money on decorations, I mean, I would but Ryan would probably leave me. So I decided to make my own! and you should too! its not hard really. All the supplies I used came from the dollar tree! Now, I know mine is not as fancy as the one on Etsy, but I used what I had...fake flowers found at the dollar tree are not the nicest but hey, the closest Michaels is 2 hours away and what can I say, I am cheap. ok, ok, so here is what i did...
I am really bad at taking pictures when doing DIY projects..and i wasnt planning on making this a blog post, but here you go, I started with a dark woody wreath. I suppose you can use any type you find and any size really..I picked this one because it was easy to just stick flowers in between the branches, but you could also use a hot glue gun to stick the flowers on. 

I picked a variaty of fall colors and simply cut the flowers away from the "bouquet" leaving about 3 inches of stem to stick through the wreath.  I first used up all the big flowers I had, alternating colors,
Ta-Da! now you can leave it as is or keep going...
next I added some of these fun things(I dont know what the name of this type of "flower" is, i know, i suck)

I just stuck them in between every two flowers or so...i had an odd number but the end result still looked fine

for some added color I took these guys, 

and I cut them off the stem, leaving no stem attached. 

I used some hot glue and glued the dark red flowers in the middle of each of the mustard color flowers. please excuse this picture, I had a four year old photographer. :)

nice huh?

next i took some ribbon and fed it through the back of the wreath 

and there you have it!
Sorry for such horrible pictures, I promise to get better :D Happy Crafting! -Jess


  1. Hi Jess!
    Thanks for your kind compliment. Your wreath is lovely too! I love the photo with you in it the most! :)
    XOXO. elsie

    1. ahhh! thank you so much! I really am trying to get better at this blog thing...your comment means a lot, i really admire your work/style :D xo-Jess

  2. Cute project! Love finding other DIYers to follow!

    - Sam


    1. thank you so much sam! i will be sure to check out and follow your blog! happy crafting! xo-Jess

  3. This is cute! Followed from A Beautiful Mess and saw your comment - wreaths look a lot of fun I want to try :)

    1. Thank you! It is so fun, and super easy...I just love how you can change up the colors and make a wreath for anytime of the year!!! xo-Jess

  4. So lovely!


  5. I've been looking online trying to find a way to make a wreath and pop there this post is! Trying this tomorrow!
    thnx for sharing